Account Removal

Our guide on how to remove LolSided from your Facebook account.

Unlike most websites, does not need to maintain a user database. This means that when a person logs into the LolSided application, we do not keep a database record of their name, gender or any other kind of information. Please read our FAQ section or our Privacy Policy for more information.

Removing the LolSided app

Please note that LolSided is not an Android app or an iPhone app or a Kindle app. It is a web-based Facebook app. i.e. It does not exist on your device. You cannot uninstall LolSided from your device because it was never installed on your device in the first place.

Simply speaking, LolSided is a website that allows people to login using Facebook. If you find LolSided listed in the apps section of your Facebook account, it means that you logged into our website at some stage in the past and granted us access to basic information about yourself.

To remove our app from your Facebook account, you can take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu in Facebook.
  2. Find the Apps and Websites section.
  3. Locate the LolSided app and remove it from your account.
That's it! If you require any further help, please free to contact us.

Removing data from advertisers

As stated in our Privacy Policy, uses Google Adsense advertising on its website.
To find out more about how you can remove certain information from your Google account, you can read Google's article on: How Google retains data we collect.
For further information, you can read Google's article on: How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.

Review Your Data

If you wish to manually review what information we have saved about you, you can use the login button below. Note that a login is required because LolSided needs to be able to verify your identification before we can check our servers for data.

Note: Because LolSided does not maintain a user database, this feature will only be useful to people who previously shared a generated result with their profile picture on it.

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